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JadeCo uses Content Marketing to Make You Trusted Advisers & Industry Experts for Inbound Lead Generation and Increased Sales
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Digital Marketing

Content Development, Blogs, Email Marketing Campaigns, Video's, Etc.

Your website should serve as an automated marketing & sales tool that helps you streamline marketing, generate leads and grow your business. To many companies think of their website as an online brochure. That thinking is a thing of the past. 

JadeCo creates websites that attract inbound leads by guiding your prospects to your site. JadeCo leverages search engine optimization (SEO) tools, blogs, video's, social media and other means to bypass competition and help your business thrive.

JadeCo partners with our clients from start to finish. We focus on your needs while producing new ideas, developing effective strategies and designing high quality informational material and content that will attract and engage prospects. We show you how to establish yourselves as industry experts and turn you into trusted advisers in your field.

JadeCo leverages content and SEO to attract customers to your materials, convert them and close new business. We provide you with a platform and ideas designed to delight your customers ongoing and continue to grow your business. We create workflows, blogs, email marketing campaigns, social media posts, YouTube video's and many other marketing tactics to build an overall marketing strategy that will expand your growth potential.

We look at all aspects of marketing including partnerships, trade shows, on-line sales, retail opportunities, white papers and more. Our goal is to create  market awareness and help you establish yourselves as industry experts. Even if prospects aren't ready for your solution today, we help you stay "TOP OF MIND" to ensure that when they are ready, they think of you and your business.

JadeCo uses a variety of ways to help you stay top of mind. We leverage your website, email marketing and social media including LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google and other sites. We use Analytics including Google Analytics as well as tools available that you may have licensed such as Hubspot, Yoast, Word Press and others.

Expanding your market awareness using relevant content will guide potential customers to your site, generate quality leads and help you close more business, faster. 

HubSpot Partners & WordPress SEO

Turning dormant leads into active prospects. At what point does a prospect become a customer? Just because a company or individual is looking at your solution doesn't mean they are a hot prospect. However, you don't want to ignore them. They might be the right person, in the right industry with the right title, but maybe they don't have budget. They may be a champion of solutions like your's and regularly educate themselves on the topic.

Prospects often attend webinars, download white papers, get quotes but then don't buy. Why? Often because they aren't ready yet. The trick is staying out in front of them and continuing to provide them with valuable information so that when the time comes and they have budget, they will come to you, a trusted adviser.

Providing valuable, educational material ongoing will establish you as someone your prospect wants to follow. Keeping them engaged by reading your materials, your blogs, articles, etc. ensures that you will be top of mind when the time is right for them to buy. You have established yourself as an industry expert and therefore, have earned the right to receive an RFP, phone call or request for information.

There is a dedication required and strategy involved in staying relevant and informative to your prospects without bothering them. This is part of Content marketing and SEO.

JadeCo leverages tools like Hubspot, WordPress, Marketo and others to help keep you stay in front of prospects so that when the timing is right, they will include you in their evaluation process and hopefully convert them into customers.