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Grow Your Business with Content Marketing

JadeCo leverages Hubspot technology to help you attract, engage, convert, close and delight your customers.

Marketing & Sales Offerings

Website Development, Enhancement & SEO
JadeCo uses leading new technologies such as Hubspot to present your story and your offerings in a way that will attract customers to your website. Key SEO (Search Engine Optimization) techniques allow us to leverage your knowledge about your business to provide potential customers with relevant information. We turn you into trusted, industry experts that prospects seek out for knowledge and answers to questions they need help with. By connecting with sites like LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter & other relevant sites, we optimize SEO and provide you with inbound marketing techniques that will grow your business.
Attract & Engage
JadeCo uses social media, blogs, analytics, webinars, videos and other means to attract potential customers to your website. We develop materials that are designed to engage with prospects and teach them about your solutions and their importance. We leverage white papers, articles, presentations, etc. Integrating various forms of media with related landing pages where prospects request more information is key. In this way, you are attracting those prospects who are most interested in your offerings. You are engaging them by providing them valuable information and making them smarter about your business.
Convert, Close & Delight
By providing your prospects with information they consider valuable throughout their purchasing process, you are slowly gaining their trust. This allows you to not only engage with your customer, but to earn their business and convert them from a prospect who has opted in for your information and convert them to a customer. It's important to keep your customer delighted with your offerings. By continuing to provide them with valuable information, education and new products that will help them, you will continue to delight them. It's a lot easier to keep a customer than to get new ones. At JadeCo our goal is to help you do both.
Analytics & Business Intelligence

JadeCo has extensive experience in business intelligence, reporting and analytics. Without the proper architecture and foundation in place, reports require hours, days and often weeks to cobble together. Analysts spend far too many hours pulling data and bringing it together into spreadsheets.


By automating the integration and cleansing process of data, companies have faster access to more reliable information. 


Standard reports can be automatically generated while providing analysts with an integrated database of reliable information that they can easily access to create new insights.